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Nutrition and Cancer: A review of the evidence for an anti-cancer diet

Michael S Donaldson Author information ► This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. It has been estimated that 30–40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone. Obesity, nutrient sparse foods such as concentrated sugars and refined flour products that contribute to impaired glucose metabolism (which leads to diabetes), low […]

Push To Fight Malnutrition In Cancer Patients

Click Here for Original Article Poor Nutrition Contributes to 1 in 5 Cancer Deaths; Experts Urge Counseling The statistic is shocking: Severe malnutrition and weight loss play a role in at least one in five cancer deaths. Yet nutrition too often is an afterthought until someone’s already in trouble. A move is on to change […]

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Bispecific Antibodies in Cancer

Bispecific antibodies, as the name suggests, simultaneously target 2 or more tumor antigens on the same or separate cells to disrupt cancer development or progression. Others engage and tether cancer cells and immune cells together to increase cancer-cell destruction. No matter the strategy researchers take, however, interest in these bioengineered antibodies has been rekindled by the […]

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Daytona News Journal on Nutronco, Dr. Acs, and PowerOnco

Nutrition vs Treatment New Supplement May Be The Answer For Chemo Patients By Nikki Ross nikki.ross@news-jrnl.com 06/25/2018 As if chemotherapy isn’t hard enough on its own, patients who undergo this course of cancer treatment also have the added struggle of maintaining a nutritious diet. Now these patients have access to a nutritional supplement specifically designed to give […]

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Benefits of Whey-Based Supplements

Whey-based diets have been linked with prolonged life expectancy and improved physical performance. These observations based on numerous clinical and simulated studies are attributed to diverse biological activities of whey peptides. Whey has been characterized to be excellent nourishment with an array of bioactive components. In fact, it is considered as the richest source of […]

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Breast Cancer Survival is Linked to Muscle Mass

In a recent study, scientists found that breast cancer patients with decreased muscle mass may have a significantly higher risk of death compared to patients without it. This study, titled “Association of Muscle and Adiposity Measured by Computed Tomography with Survival in Patients With Nonmetastatic Breast Cancer” was published in JAMA Oncology on April 5, 2018*. They examined 3,241 […]

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What Are the Differences Between Cancer Cells and Normal Cells?

Cancer cells are very different from normal cells. These differences typically allow them to escape from under control and grow wildly. Not only do they grow uncontrollably, but they are aggressive and become invasive. Normal cells will mature into specialized cell types with specific functions, whereas cancer cells do the opposite: they become less and […]

Tree of Life

Nutronco is launching a fund that will help donate these groundbreaking nutritive products to chemotherapy patients in need. 50 to 80% of chemotherapy patients have nutritional issues according to the National Cancer Institute. Your support is crucial to the success of our mission. Make a small donation, and help make a big difference in a […]