Immune Benefits of Nucleotide Supplements

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There are many health benefits to taking a nucleotide supplement, but the boost to the immune system is probably the best-documented effect. The evidence is very strong that taking nucleotide supplements strengthens the immune system. In fact, nucleotides are necessary for a healthy immune system. They support normal T-cell development, increase the activation of T lymphocytes, increase the number of Natural Killer cells, enhance polymorphonuclear phagocytosis and increase circulating levels of IgG, IgM and interferon gamma. Studies show that dietary nucleotides are necessary for optimal levels of antibodies, both in the serum and in saliva. All these add up to an enhanced resistance to cold and flu infections as well as a better ability to resist more serious microbes. Nucleotide supplementation is an important component of immunonutrition. Along with L-arginine and fatty acids, nucleotides boost the immune system in patients with various conditions resulting in shorter hospital stay, improved wound healing and decreased infections. Dietary nucleotides also improve markers of immune response to strenuous exercise and help gut mucosal defense.

Peter Acs, MD, PhD – Medical Oncologist

Updated 9:42 AM ET, Mon April 2, 2018

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