What Is Cancer Cachexia?

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Tumor Grade Cancer

Cancer cachexia is a multifactorial condition characterized by systemic inflammation and severe wasting of skeletal muscle, with or without wasting of adipose tissue (fat). It causes considerable morbidity and mortality in these patients. Cachexia occurs in 50–80% of cancer patients and it has been identified as an independent predictor of treatment failure and decreased survival. There are several factors that contribute to nutritional deterioration, muscle wasting and worsening weight loss in cancer patients. The process is a vicious cycle caused by weakening of the immune system, further inflammation, infection, worsening weakness, widespread metabolic changes, debilitation which collectively contribute to an increase in fatigue, poor physical function, diminished quality of life and ultimately death. Improving nutrition, rebuilding muscle mass and strength, supporting the immune system, decreasing inflammation help prevent this from happening and enables us to treat the underlying malignancy more effectively.

Peter Acs, MD, PhD – Medical Oncologist

Updated 11:00 AM ET, Tues April 17, 2018

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